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We're not just a Twitch channel; we're a Community. OUR Community! Shambucks are given not just to those lovely sentient beings who give us financial support, but also to those who contribute in other ways, such as taking part in contests and producing content for our streams and videos.

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  • Feature LinkShambucks

    Cheer Twitch Bits

    From ♡1

    Complete Your Pokedex

    ♡1000 ➞ ♡18000 Shambucks

    Donate to Shambling Incompetence

    From ♡1

    Get Your Best/Worst Jokes on Stream

    ♡1 ➞ ♡5 Shambucks

    Gift a Shambling Incompetence Twitch Subscription

    ♡100 ➞ ♡650 Shambucks

    Honse Race

    ♡1 ➞ ♡5 Shambucks

    Is It Someone's Birthday?


    Make Stream Clips

    From ♡5

    Raid Shambo's Stream

    From ♡10

    Spin The Wheel of Nothing

    ♡10 ➞ ♡1000 Shambucks

    Submit a Youtube Link for 'You Laugh, You Lose'

    ♡5 ➞ ♡500 Shambucks

    Subscribe to Shambling Incompetence on Twitch

    ♡158 ➞ ♡987 Shambucks

    Win a Find The Lemon League

    ♡100 ➞ ♡800 Shambucks

    Cheer Twitch Bits: From ♡1

    Cheering bits on Twitch is one way to financially support any streamer you like. Bits can be purchased in several packages and you can cheer any amount you wish from 1 bit upwards by typing cheerX (where X is the number of bits) into chat during a stream. The Streamer gets 1 US cent for each bit you cheer without any additional fees going to Twitch. Sadly they cost more than 1 cent per bit to buy, but the markup is lower than for subscriptions and gift subscriptions.

  • Twitch Help: Guide to Cheering with Bits
  • Complete Your Pokedex: ♡1000 ➞ ♡18000

    Collect Pokemon on Stream and here on the Website to fill out your Pokedex & your Shiny Pokedex!. Find enough to complete an entire Generation of your Pokedex and you'll earn ♡1000 Shambucks.

  • Twitch Channel Reward: Throw Pokeball
  • Upgrade Your Pokeballs
  • View Your Pokedex
  • Donate to Shambling Incompetence: From ♡1

    If you're fed up of Twitch taking more than half of the money people contribute on stream via Subs, Gift Subs and Bits and would like to support us directly, please use the PayPal link below! You will receive ♡1 for every £0.01 donated:

    Get Your Best/Worst Jokes on Stream: ♡1 ➞ ♡5

    Anyone who follows Shambo on Twitch can add their jokes to our delightful Dad Jokes break slide! Submitted jokes will be ruthlessly rated by the admins on a scale of 1 to 5... Any that are not suitable for our audience will be rejected. All jokes that do get approved will earn you between ♡1 and ♡5 based on their rating!

  • View ALL submitted jokes
  • Gift a Shambling Incompetence Twitch Subscription: ♡100 ➞ ♡650

    Gifting Twitch subscriptions to Shambling Incompetence to members of the community provides a little help to our Channel, we get approximately 35% of the cost of the subscription, but it also allows someone else get access to our Emotes by getting a Subscription that they perhaps can't afford to get for themselves

  • Twitch Help: Guide to Gifting Twitch Subscriptions
  • Honse Race: ♡1 ➞ ♡5

    Play a game of Honse Race

    Is It Someone's Birthday?: ♡1000

    Members of our Community who register the day and month of their birthday with us can snag themselves ♡1000 Shambucks on the day, as well as unlocking the Birthday video slide on Stream!

    Make Stream Clips: From ♡5

    Simply clip any portion of Shambo's stream, this can be done whilst he's streaming, or if you missed a good moment in a particular stream, you can go to the Past Broadcasts videos on the channel and create a clip of a past stream at any time before the end of the month!

  • Watch the Clip Contest Top 40 Videos!
  • Raid Shambo's Stream: From ♡10

    If you are also a Twitch Streamer, raiding Shambo when he's live will net you ♡10 for each viewer you bring in with you! And of course you'll get the obligatory Shout Out after you arrive provided your channel qualifies for our automated system!

    Please note that Streamer-only raids (i.e. raiding with a party of 1) do not count for this reward and our Shout Outs only apply to streamers who have their recent Stream VODS on their channel.

    Spin The Wheel of Nothing: ♡10 ➞ ♡1000

    Mostly if you redeem our Twitch Channel Reward Nothing you get exactly what you expect! Sometimes though, you may, if you're lucky, get some Shambucks! Prizes vary between ♡10 and ♡1000, but fear not, it's only a 1 in 16 chance, so you're most likely going to get the Nothing you were promised!

    Submit a Youtube Link for 'You Laugh, You Lose': ♡5 ➞ ♡500

    In the 'You Laugh, You Lose' streams, we subject Shambo to funny videos found wild on Youtube and his job is to try NOT to laugh! All videos which are included in a stream will earn you ♡1, if he laughs, you will win an extra ♡500 Shambucks! A stream will be scheduled when we have 80 fresh links.


    📌 No Age Restricted videos
    📌 Videos which can't be viewed in the UK will be rejected
    📌 No compilations or playlists
    📌 No longer than 3 minutes

    Subscribe to Shambling Incompetence on Twitch: ♡158 ➞ ♡987

    Subscribing to Shambling Incompetence unlocks our lovely lemon flavoured Channel Emotes! Shambucks are issued for the 50% of the subscription cost that Twitch lets us keep after currency conversion!

  • Twitch Channel Emotes
  • Win a Find The Lemon League: ♡100 ➞ ♡800

    Every evening Stream features our not-yet-world-famous game of Find The Lemon. The format is easy; we present our viewers with a load of different game screenshots and they have to find the hidden lemon! The first person to get the correct answer wins a point for the current league. Each league lasts 7 days or until we have an outright winner!

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